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AI-Powered Data Curation

AI-powered data ingestion from a variety of data sources & AI-enhanced data enrichment in real-time, at scale!

Autonomous Segmentation

Dynamic micro-segmentation on customer behavioural data in real-time and next-gen tools to accelerate data science

Autonomous Consumer Insights

Deep-learning automated consumer insights delivered through our conversational AI & self-serve dashboards

Why Autonomous AI?

The Challenge

Challenges in Optimizing Expensive Business Critical Processes

Confidence in Predictions
Average financial impact of poor data on businesses
Enterprise Data Goes Unused for Analytics
It takes average 2 years to build a large Scale Insights Platform

The Solution

We apply the AI powering Self-Driving vehicles to Customer Engagement. Argoid drastically decreases the time and cost of implementing sophisticated Consumer Insights Solution, while at the same time drastically increases the value of key business use cases by providing Real-time Insights with best Accuracies


Argoid’s Consumer Insights platform works differently to predict human behaviour more accurately in real-time at petabyte scale.


  • 12x Quicker time to market
  • 1000x Faster Insights


  • Insights in 90% accuracy rather than industry average of 60%

Cost Efficiency

  • 10x less cost compared to alternatives
  • Reduced Operational Overhead


  • Right Customer experience to the right person at right time

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Learn more about Argoid

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