Consumer Insights.

Understand every consumer among millions of consumers generating trillions of data points at a personal level from the Autonomous consumer insights. Argoid’s consumer insights platform delivers out of the box hyper-personalized product recommendations, churn predictions, cross-sell, upsell insights in real-time with +90% accuracy.

Conversational Analytics

Derive insights about consumers, products & much more using Argoid’s conversational AI, Jarvis. Make key business decisions using accurate insights delivered by Jarvis. Jarvis provides a chat interface for natural language inputs delivering the results at lighting speed.

Insights Platform.

While Argoid provides consumer insights out of the box for Retail & Banking businesses, build your own Insights for IOT, Life Sciences, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, etc to optimize internal processes, clinical research, predict customer service requests using Argoid’s Insights platform faster and more accurate!

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