Data Ingestion.
AI Powered

Aggregate data from a wide variety of sources in the most efficient way possible with Argoid’s self-serve data ingestion capabilities assisted with Argoid’s data ingestion AI bots automating repeated and complex engineering tasks like data cleanup, protecting customer sensitive information and converting unstructed data(product reviews, Social media) to structured data

Data Enrichment.
AI Powered

Automate all the complex data enrichment tasks like data aggregation, data deduplication, source to destination data mapping using Argoid’s data enrichment AI bots. Manage the complex processes, pipelines, dependencies with self-serve pipeline management dashboards

All of this…
At Scale, Plug & Play!

Argoid’s data curation platform is built for scale. The micro-services based architecture provides greater scalability and reliability. Every component is versatile & adaptable to solve different use cases & can independenty integrate with existing Enterprise technologies

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